Membership Terms and Conditions

1.      About the Toy Library

Make Do & Grow Community Toy Library (further referred to as The Toy Library) is a toy lending service offering a wide range of fabulous, quality toys for families with children from birth to 12 years old. It is also a safe and engaging space where parents and carers can bring their children to spend quality time, attend a range of classes and join our Stay-and-Play sessions. We are here to support, encourage and provide access to educational and play inspired toys which support learning and development, all whilst building connection, encouraging play, and facilitating reuse over new.

2.      How does it work?

a)      Who can join the Toy Library?

We are open to families from Glasgow and surrounding areas. You don’t have to be a parent in order to join us – if you are a carer, grandparent or other family member who is looking after a child/children and you would like to became a member – we welcome you!

How do I join the Toy Library?

To become a Toy Library Member, pop along to The Toy Library with two forms of identification: 1 photographic ID and 1 headed letter, bank statement or utility bill dated within last 3 months, showing your name and your current address. Why are we asking for this? – It’s simply so that we know where our toys are, when they are not with us. We do not keep copies. We will also ask you to fill out our short membership form and determine payment or referral. And that’s all - you can start borrowing our toys!

c)      How do I borrow a toy?

You can browse our toy catalogue online and make reservation by logging into The Toy Library member site. Once you reserve toys, we will get them ready to be picked up at a day and time of your choice. We will show you how to do this during the registration process. Alternatively, you can ask our friendly Toy Library staff to help you browse and reserve toys online on our devices.

d)      How many toys can I borrow at one time?

You can loan up to 4 toys per registered child at one time (depending on stock availability). However, to ensure fair access to our larger and higher value toys, only one PREMIUM toy can be borrowed per rental period.

e)      How long can I keep a toy?

Toys can be borrowed for up to 4 weeks, but you can return them sooner if you prefer.

Favourite toys can be borrowed again (subject to waiting lists) or for toys that are difficult to part with, we offer a purchase option.

f)       What if I return the toys late?

There are no late fees, however we will contact you if a toy return is overdue. Non returns will be considered as requests to purchase the toys.


3.      Memberships and prices (2022- 2023)

·        Standard 12-month membership – £95 for 1st child (and £20 per every additional child you want to register with us). Every registered child will receive a birthday gift* and will be welcome to join our classes and stay-and-play sessions free of charge.

·        Pay it forward 12-month membership - £95 for 1st child (and £20 per every additional child you want to register with us). Every registered child will receive a birthday gift* and will be welcome to join our classes and stay-and-play sessions free of charge. By choosing this option you are gifting a membership for another family who otherwise would not be able to afford it. To say “Thank you!” this membership comes with a £10 voucher to the Make Do & Grow Community Children’s Shop.

·        Monthly membership - £8 per child per calendar month (and £2 per every additional child you want to register with us).

·        Free 12-month subsidised membership - This type of membership is dedicated to families in financial hardship and to those families who have been referred via partner organisations. Please speak to member of our staff if you think that you may qualify.

Birthday Gift Scheme*

·        Whilst we strongly promote reuse and building community through shared resources, we recognise that it is very important to every child to have toys of their own to keep and enjoy. Every child registered under the 12-month membership options will receive a brand-new toy free of charge on their birthday, (also available for sustained monthly memberships). We believe that children should be able to choose, so we will encourage every child to choose their gift from a displayed selection.


4.      All the other important stuff we want you to know

a)      Responsibility for safety

·        It is your responsibility to make sure that children only play with toys that are appropriate for their age and abilities (age recommendation information will be available on the reservation page and where available, toy packaging.)

·        You must remove any unsafe packaging before giving a toy to a child.

·        It is also your responsibility to supervise children during play with toys and equipment loaned from the Toy Library and ensure that they are used as intended, in a safe manner.

·        We make all reasonable efforts to make sure that all toys are carefully inspected and deemed safe for use before made available for lending, however you still need to inspect the toys before giving them to a child. If you notice any faults or issues that fall outside of the description of the item listed on the Toy Library’s online catalogue, please notify us as soon as possible by email or phone.  

·        The Toy Library is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from any use or misuse of any toys or equipment borrowed from the Toy Library.


b) Condition of items and what to do if a toy gets damaged or lost?

·        We ask you to take good care of the toys, so they can bring loads of joy to many families. We expect you to return toys in the same condition as when they were borrowed (subject to ordinary wear and tear, assessed at our discretion), clean and undamaged. All toys are carefully checked and cleaned upon return from hire.

·        For the benefit of all users, please use and store toys in a smoke free and where possible, pet free environment. While every care is taken to loan toys in a fresh, clean condition we cannot guarantee that toys will be allergen free.

·        We make all reasonable efforts to list toys on the online catalogue faithfully, detailing the condition and existing wear and tear they are subject to, because we want you to know what to expect. We make sure that toys that require batteries have appropriate batteries installed and are fully operational, but we cannot guarantee that the batteries will last the entire loan period. If the batteries run out during the lending period, you don’t have to replace them – we will replace the batteries when you bring the toy back.

·        We appreciate that on occasion, smaller toys may become lost. If this should occur, please contact the toy library team as soon as possible (contact details below). Lost toys are subject to individual case discretion. For lost accessories and parts, please see the process for damaged and broken toys below.

·        Toys are meant to be played with and we understand that they sometimes can get damaged or broken. If a toy breaks, please help our team by ensuring you notify a member of staff upon returning the toy.  You can phone or email in advance if preferred. Details are listed below. Our steering group of families have developed a simple process for broken toys which is outlined here:


Please note: Broken toys must be returned to the library with all pieces, even if broken beyond repair.  Members will be unable to take out new toys until previous rentals are returned. (Please notify us if a part is missing).


Upon receiving a toy that has been significantly damaged or broken beyond repair we will apply the following policy:

 Step 1: A note will be discretely added on to your membership account, stating that an item was significantly damaged or broken and the date that you returned it or notified us. This will be placed on the notes section within your membership account that we hold in our system. No other action will be taken at this stage.

Step 2: If a second toy is significantly damaged or broken within the same 12-month period of the first incident then we will follow the same procedure and put another note on your account. No other action will be taken at this stage.

Step 3: If a third toy is significantly damaged or broken within a 12-month period of the first incident, then we will make a charge for the replacement value of 1 toy (averaged out payment calculated as follows: total replacement cost of the 3 broken toys, divided by 3). After 12 months have passed each incident will be removed from the account. 

c)      Your Information and Privacy

·        To offer Toy Library services, we need to hold personal information about the members. The processing of personal information is governed by the Data Protection Act 2018.

·        In a nutshell: We only ask you for the information that we need to ensure that the Toy Library has records of its members, for safe and efficient running of our operations. Your information will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared with any third parties. Any statistical data taken will remain anonymous and will be used only for analysis and reporting purposes (e.g. funding impact reports).

·        By becoming a member of The Toy Library, you give consent for us to store and process your details as outlined above. 


d)      Suspension of borrowing rights / termination of membership

The Toy Library reserves the right to suspend borrowing rights or terminate membership in case of breach of the above Terms of Use.