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Set of 3 Wooden Puzzles - Transport puzzles

3 wooden puzzles
20pcs in total

Fee: £ 0.00 for 28 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Jaques of London
Code: X0015UIY1J

Let's Play Transport Puzzles inspire curiosity about the world around us as well as teaching children about different kinds of transportation. Our puzzles feature a boat, a car and a rocket. Children can learn about historic boats and voyages, space travel and the history of the modern day car, using our puzzles as a spark for their imagination.

Wooden puzzles are fantastic for childhood development. Placing the puzzle pieces develops fine motor skills, with exercising precise hand movements. This is a skill that will benefit your child throughout their life, with tasks such as writing and playing sports. By playing with our brightly coloured wooden puzzles, children will develop colour recognition and an understanding of shape and size when piecing the puzzles together.

For ages 3+

Adult supervision required at all times for children under 3 due to the choking hazard.

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