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Wooden Shape Sorter Cube

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1 shape sorter
13 shapes

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Condition: A - As new
Brand: Jaques of London
Code: X000ZC317F

This wooden shape sorter cube is an ideal toy for 1 year olds and up! Kids will begin to recognise a range of shapes and begin to develop an understanding of size and patterns when matching the shapes to the correct slot in the wooden sorting cube.

The sorting 3d shapes are brightly coloured. The vivid colours allow kids to develop colour recognition. They will learn about the different colours as well as associating colour with the specific shapes included with the shape sorting activity cube.

Placing the shapes into the correct slots on our shape sorting cube benefits fine motor skills. Your kids will need to exercise precise hand movements and use hand eye coordination to place the shapes in the slots. Fine motor skills are an essential skill that your little learners will need throughout their lives.

This shape sorting cube is top quality. It features 100% FSC Approved wood as well as water-based brightly coloured paint for hours of safe play.

Ages: 12 months +

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