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Sylvanian families ice cream van & Ferris Wheel

1 ice cream van with detachable pink drawer
1 Ferris wheel
1 cat on a swing
4 figures ( 2 bears, 2 bunnies)
2 ice cream cone stands
1 ice cream scoop tool
1 ice cream machine
2 waffle biscuits
3 cone base biscuits
8 ice cream cones
3 ice cream scoops (white, pink, brown)
3 ice cream cups
2 Sundaes
2 orange icelollies
2 tiny spoons
4 ice lollies ( 2 banana flavour, 2 strawberry flavour)
1 ice cream menu

Fee: £ 0.00 for 28 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Sylvanian Families
Code: 5038701047913

The Sylvanian Families adorable ice cream van with its fabulous design, characters and detailed accessories. It lets you enjoy serving ice cream to your favourite local customers with the help of your friends the Sylvanian bears; Vincent and Violet Beautford.
Also enjoy playing with the two bunnies that joined the carnival to have fun on the Ferris wheel.

Age: 4+ years

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