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Major Lady LOL OMG Doll

1x doll in blue/black outfit
1x outfit on hanger (sparkly cape) in bag
1x belt
2x earrings (stars and lightning)
1x bracelet
1x starry sunglasses
1x brush
2x boots (orange sparkly)
1x UV Light
1x orange box
1x stand with 3 clips
1x dance guide

Fee: £ 0.00 for 28 days

Condition: B - Good
Brand: MGA
Code: 035051117889

OMG we sisters are ready 2 groove. We are here to Remix your moves and create the ultimate Dance Dance Dance with fierce style. Everyone will be Dancing with the B.B.s as you unbox dance moves and put them together in your own way. Get out on the dance floor and dance UR heart out! Unbox Major Lady’s unique dance move and own the dance floor! Check out the magic black light surprises inside the package.

For ages 4+

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