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Barbie Pet Care Centre

1 Barbie pet care centre
1 Barbie doll with full outfit ( orange shoes and a dress)
4 pets ( 1 cat, 3 dogs)
2 hanging koala figures
1 chair
1 pet sleeping bed
1 bone
1 blanket
2 feeding dishes/ bowls
1 thermometer
2 medicine bottles
1 bandana
1 yellow pet carrier
1 scale
1 stethoscope
1 hairdryer
1 syringe
1 grey brush
1 computer
1 bath with shower head

Fee: £ 0.00 for 28 days

Condition: B - Good
Brand: Barbie
Code: 2318

Barbie doll loves animals and when they need care, this pet care center is the perfect spot to take them.
There are four pet patients ready to see the doctor -a puppy, a dog, a cat, and a kitten!

The colourful play set opens to reveal four distinct play spaces with fun features, realistic backdrops and cool accessories. Fold it up with everything inside for easy storage; a pink dog-shaped carrying handle makes it portable.

An exam station has fun accessories for patient care, like a spinning mobile. Another section features an x-ray display -just move the tab to see "inside" the patient.

Suitable for: 3+ years

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